Welcome “WAGY 2.0” African – German Youth Week 

About WAGY

WAGY 2.0 is an upgrade of “Stark für die Zukunft” Stronger for the future initiated by TIAF since 2014, children and youth project with programs such as creative games, dance workshops, theater, clown shows and concerts for children and youths with aims and objectives is to prepare children and youths for the future, focusing on Africa.

Through 2018 accessment we realized that the children have all grown and become youths and needed a more sustainable approach. While “SFF” continues its program we decided to create WAGY –  with focus on exchange program for African and German Youths during the TIAF days in Tübingen, Germany.

WAGY aims at bringing young Africans from African countries and Germans together for a one week conference under theme “Networking in Partnership” in Tübingen, Germany. The one week conference offers a platform for your organisation, company, institutions, civil society experts, showcasing your engagement and contributions towards fostering African, German partnership for Sustainability through intercultural competences in the sector of  Culture and Sports.

Theme: Networking in Partnership, best case in practice

Dates: July 27th – August 02, 2020

Times: 10:00 am – 16:00 pm

Venue: Tübingen, Germany

Address: Europastr. 80, 72070 Tübingen


Programm Features 

  • Welcome Desk
  • Presentations
  • Feedbacks & Evaluation
  • Cultural Networking
  • Panel
  • Working Group (WG)
  • Exhibition
  • Welcome Dinner
  • WAGY Soccer Cup
  • Opening / Awards
  • Parade
  • Goodbye Church Service
  • WAGY Tanzania 2021

Target groups 

  • African and German youth development experts
  • African and German youth entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Representative of African and German civil society organizations
  • Church Instutions and Private Initiatives
  • Representative of the African Diaspora community
  • Academia, students, journalists and other African – German Interested

How to Participate at WAGY 2.0 

WAGY is open for participation to International and local Organisation in African countries and German organisations in Germany.

Fill out the contact formular and receive criterias for Participation.